Padel Volleys – Biggest Mistakes

How to hit a good padel volley?

The volley is a relatively basic technique, but there is so much variety in the volley. Therefore, beginners still make a lot of volley mistakes when playing padel.

The first error has to do with turning your shoulders. You should always turn your shoulders before hitting the ball. This allows you to hit through the ball and make sure that the volley is controlled. If you don’t turn your shoulders, your wrist will end up in a position which makes it way harder for you to play a controlled volley.

Swinging on wrong volleys is something we see a lot of players do as well. You should always remember that when the ball comes slower, it is fine to swing through the ball and play an attacking volley. If the ball comes faster, you want to only block the ball. Also the position in the field is important to keep in mind. If you’re further back in the field, you should not try and play an aggressive volley because usually, these balls go directly towards the back glass.

At a lower level, we see a lot of players getting way too close at the net of getting stuck in so called “no mans land” (in the middle of the field) where they try and pick the volley up from their feet. You should always try and watch your opponents to anticipate where you should move to.

Another thing to think of is when you’re in position, but the ball is still about to hit your feet, you should step forward. In this way, you make sure that your feet will not get hit by the ball and you have an easier time hitting the ball back because you can hit it above the net. If you don’t do this, you have a less aggressive shot because you’re hitting the ball below the net.


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