The Reasons You Are Missing Your Volleys!

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Players at all levels are struggling with controlling their volleys. The ball ends a lot of times out towards the back glass. There are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to improve this part of your game.

Volleying is basic physics. The ball comes with a certain speed towards you and you react with a volley. There are a few things to keep in mind when volleying.


The swing path of your racket is whether you are going from low to high with your racket, from high to low or horizontal.


If the angle of the racket face is open, your ball will go up and if your angle of the racket face is closed, it will go down.


If you hit the ball like a soft block, it will create less force and the ball won’t be really fast. If it’s a fast and longer swing, the ball will obviously go faster.

If you are not hitting your volleys well, it is most likely that it has to do with one (or more) of these three. Your racket could be too open, your swing path could be wrong or you don’t have the right speed with your racket.

Common errors

A common error for the angle of your racket is that your racket is too open and your reaction is too late. Which means the ball will go up and end at the back glass. It could also be that your racket is not in the right ready position at net and the reaction is too late again.

A common error for the speed is that people pick the wrong shot selection. They are too aggressive and want to play it too fast on a difficult ball which means the ball will probably go into the net.

A common error for the swing path is again the ready position. When the racket is low they won’t have enough time to make the right swing and they have got to take it up and down in a very short time. They can’t do this accurately and effectively which means the ball will probably go out.

Most important for a good volley is the racket position. When standing at net, your racket should always be vertical in front of your head. With this right racket position you can react faster and make less mistakes.


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