Training padel volleys

How to train your padel volley?

In this video Sandy is working with Toby on his volleys. They are working on the padel-specific volley and to make the volley more effective. Toby came from tennis and wants to learn a more effective padel volley.

Training Toby’s volley

Toby already has a quite good volley, because of his tennis background. Sandy will give Toby some tips to get it more effective at padel. His volley was too fast, a little bit too deep and bouncy. Sandy will set some targets on the court where Toby has to aim at with the first bounce of his volley.

During the exercise we see that Toby’s volleys are much better when he aims at the target that Sandy made. Sandy can not even play some of those balls back. You also see the difference when the first bounce is too deep. Sandy will have enough time to defend at those.

Adding a exercise

Now Toby’s volley is getting better, Sandy adds another ball to the exercise. After a volley he needs to come forward and hit a more aggressive ball. When he forces Sandy back he needs to try to finish the point. Sandy said that he needs to play three or four setups before finishing the point. Sometimes you are too eager to get the point, but you need to choose the right ball to finish.

From exercise to game

Training your lesser points is one, but to get those improvements to the game is something else. Sandy and Toby will now play some points cross court and Sandy is not allowed to come forward. He wants to trigger Toby to choose the right ball to finish the point. You will see that the training did his work, because Toby did not make any mistake. He even played a wonderful drop shot!


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