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The last couple of years we've worked with hundreds of students from around the world, both in person and online. The players have a couple of things in common: the love of padel and the determination to improve! Most students have similar stumbling blocks and successes - so we want to be there to help you through the difficult bits and celebrate the wins!

Proudly we present to you: The Padel School+

This unique concept combines our exceptional online course content with an effective support system for each player. The courses have already been shown to develop the game of many players, but with coaches and fellow players on hand to guide through any problems, learning has been even faster! 

Imagine having access to courses specific to learning the most difficult parts of padel, then picture being able to go through them and being able to ask any question you want to a supportive group of coaches - it's impossible NOT to improve your game!

Well, no need to imagine - this is now here!

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Access to all current courses of The Padel School

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The Padel school community

International community with coaches and players

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The Padel School Fred mandi
I signed up for the Padel School+ environment and I have never been so happy with my progress. The community is so good to get to know other padel lovers around the globe. I recently planned a padel holiday to Spain where I'm going to meet other Padel School+ members!

Fred Mandi

The Padel School+

Our community is one of the biggest online padel communities in the world. We are connecting padel players all over the world in order to connect and help each other. Our tribe is filled with coaches from different levels who are also helping out players when having questions and/ or experiencing difficulties. Our mission is to create the most vibrant padel community and connect with amazing people every day. Join the tribe.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

The PAdel School testimonial
Mahmet Ahur
I've been a member for a year now and I absolutely love it. The community is so helpful and the coaches are quick with answering my questions
Shaira Dakheesi
Since I started with The Padel School+, I've been growing in my padel game. I started watching the courses and asked questions whenever I came back from a match
Julia Hapmann

So many great padel players and content to connect with. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the community environment!!! 

Connect with people all over the world

The Padel School+ makes you able to connect with people all around the world who have the same interest as you; playing padel and improving their game. Because of the vibrant community, people get connected. Our mission is to link as many padel players to each other and establish new connections.


The Padel School+

Is it worth me becoming a member?

This depends if you are motivated to improve your padel...whatever your level there will be content on the site that will cover aspects of the game you struggle with. Considering the extra content you will receive as a member and the access to a responsive community there is tremendous value in becoming a member.

What do I have access to?

As a member you have access to: 1. All of the course content, which are our in depth programs about specific areas of the game. 2. Our padel community of coaches and players here to help you improve. 3. Regular drill examples sent to your email. 4. First access to our YouTube content and any new release courses.
Essentially you have access to everything to help elevate your game!

I am a beginner, will there be content for me?

There is plenty of content for players new to the game (including our new ‘Learn The Basics’ Course). Each course is designed to introduce the complicated concepts in an easy to understand way, making it perfect if you are learning. It is actually better if you access this when you are new because it can help you get into good habits from the start.

I have been playing for years and compete regularly, will this help me?

A large proportion of the content is for more advanced players, particularly the ‘Tactics Course’. Becoming a member also means you will receive a regular drill for you to practice and the majority of these are used by top players. We also have our expert coaches in the community so if there’s anything you are stuck on, we are available to help!

I already have lessons with a coach, can I get more benefit from this?

The reason our online students are having such success is partly the level of detailed feedback we provide, but also the opportunity to have access to training lessons whenever they want. In-person lessons are great and can really help your game, but that is often an hour on court (usually with multiple players) once a week. This is a perfect compliment to those lessons, because you can access them whenever you want and do not need the hassle of trying to book the coach/court!

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, absolutely. Anytime! We will be sorry to see you go, but understand about commitments. You will always be able to rejoin at a later date to get more padel value! If you want to cancel make sure to send an email to

Please note that the we will cancel your membership as soon as possible! The moment you send us an email about cancellation, from that moment you won't be charged for anything and you don't have access towards anymore.

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Get access to all current padel courses

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