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Topspin Padel Smash

Training the “kick” padel smash

The topspin padel smash is one of the biggest weapons from your padel shots, with 2 main options: topspin to the fence or to kick over the fence (out by 3 meters). We are discussing in this article the more commonly used (whether that’s right or not is another debate) – the topspin smash over the fence.

Once you have selected the right ball (which is half the challenge!) the player uses their full body to drive up through the smash, creating brush with the racket face to get the topspin and getting the right trajectory to rebound over the side fence. The leg drive and body shape is similar to the 2nd serve in tennis, where you have a trophy position. The brush with the padel racket is slightly different to tennis, often going slightly more horizontal than vertical (on a clock face from 8 o’clock to 2 o’clock). The ideal contact point is towards the top end of the racket face, which helps the player create extra spin on the ball. The body position in the correct place under the ball is absolutely crucial and usually the main factor in the success of this shot!

Where to aim the topspin smash

The target location on the court varies depending on your location. The closer you are to the net, the steeper the angle you hit downwards and the less spin you apply as the rebound will carry the ball over the fence. When you are further back in the court, you will need to hit more spin so it is the “kick” bounce off the glass which gives the ball the height needed to clear the fence.

Here are some more padel tips when it comes to the topspin smash – from our training lesson!

This shot might require building up of confidence before you can bring it into your game, so I would suggest some basket or ball machine feeds to help you get the technique right. And when you start using it in the match, start with the relatively easy smashes and gradually build confidence. Going for it on difficult balls often means it is unsuccessful and then never to be attempted again!!

The topspin smash is one of many smashes we cover in the Overheads Course! It is worth learning all of the Padel Smashes to be your most effective at net!

If you enjoy this teaching style, the One to One Course we work with the student through 9 different areas of the game (including the topspin smash down to the fence and over the fence)!

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