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One to One Course

  • 9 lessons
  • Get coached one on one, but online
  • Feel the expertise of The Padel School and learn from there
  • Each part of the game highlighted in an easy-to-understand course

Learn the basics course

'Learn the Basics' Course

  • 14 lessons
  • Learn the basics of the game and build from there
  • Understand the techniques and tactics of the game from the beginning
  • Different shots in different situations to learn from
  • Each part of the game highlighted in an easy-to-understand course


Tactics Course

  • 17 lessons
  • Learn all the smart tactics of padel
  • Become better at positioning on the court
  • Best strategies on how to beat your opponents
  • Start winning more games without improving techniques


Walls Course

  • 8 lessons
  • Get the balls that bounce off the  glass
  • Read rebounds from the corners 
  • Learn the movements using the glass
  • Improve your movements on the court 


Overheads Course

  • 12 lessons
  • Start finishing points during rallies
  • Understand the variety of padel smashes 
  • Different situation with different smashes to play
  • Guidance to get the best technique possible

The Volley Masterclass Course

  • 16 lessons
  • Learn all the aspects of padel volleys
  • Conquer the net during a match
  • Beat your opponents with smart and attacking volleys
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the course
  • Efficient online training in your own time

The Bandeja Course

  • 7 lessons
  • Master your bandeja in 6 steps
  • Get the tactics and the techniques to improve your bandeja
  • Tips & tricks to keep the net position
  • Learn how to keep your opponents in the back 
  • Understand how to keep pressure on your opponents

Lob & Chiquita Course padel

The Lob & Chiquita Course

  • 6 lessons
  • Get less predictable with both techniques
  • Learn the tactics of the lob and chiquita
  • Get the insights for the best technique 
  • Make your opponents crazy with low and high balls 
  •  Takeover the net position and start winning games easily

Maximise Net Course

  • 8 lessons
  • Learn more about the movements at net
  • Conquer the net during a match
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the course
  • Get insights on different shot directions and depths
  • See how to recover at net to keep the position
  • Understand how to apply into your game today!
  • Save time and money by following more efficient online training

Mental Match Preparation

  • 7 lessons
  • Learn how to start working on your matches 1 week prior to the actual match
  • Get insights on how you should prepare on match-day itself
  • Understand how to work together with your partner and achieve synergy with each other
  • Receive do's and don'ts when preparing for your match
  • Warm up routines to improve your end results


Padel Foundation - Beginner Levels

  • 26 lessons
  • Only available for members of The Padel School+
  • Get the best foundation of your padel game
  • Learn tactics and techniques from the start
  • After this course you'll be able to learn the next steps


The Next Steps - Intermediate Levels

  • 28 lessons
  • Only available for members of The Padel School+
  • Learn the next steps after the foundation
  • Get more insights on how the game actually works 
  • After this course you'll be able to learn the finishing touches


Finishing Touches - Advanced Levels

  • 28 lessons
  • Only available for members of The Padel School+
  • Make sure to get the best game out there
  • Beat your friends with all the different tips & tricks 
  • After this course you'll understand all the aspects of padel

What our students think

Amazing courses!

You are awesome Sandy! Nothing has improved my padel as much as you and your course! Cheers

Christian Hiller, Sweden

Fantastic resource for players!

Great videos well produced and the points made are clear and easy to understand. A fantastic resource for all padel players.
Barry Coffey, Ireland
Love these training plans!

The best tips, the most relevant videos, the best players, high level training plans and an amazing teacher.

Ricardo Cesar, Portugal
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The Padel School Tactics Course

The Tactics Course

This online course about the tactics of padel will give you an ideal blueprint on how padel needs to be played when you want to become a successful padel player. You'll learn the most effective strategies and tactics in order to win more games. All techniques are directly applicable and you'll be guided from A to Z throughout the course. Perfect for every kind of padel player!
Walls Course The Padel School

The Walls Course

Our online walls course is the most complete walls course you'll find. We've trained hundreds of students to become better at the walls. This course is a bundle of all the experience we've gathered during the years. Are you ready to conquer the walls?

The Overheads Course The Padel School

The Overheads Course

Overhead techniques such as the bandeja, vibora and smash play a big role during a padel match, we've highlighted every single aspect you need to know in order to improve your overheads. You'll discover the secrets on how to improve all the techniques and you will learn about the best shot selection, when to play which shot? Become a real match winner with this course.

One to One Course TPS

The One to One Course

In order to play padel on an effective way it's important to get coached by a real coach sometimes. That's exactly why we've developed this course. This course is guiding you through the nine most difficult parts of the game. It's a must-see for players and coaches showing relevant drills and steps in order to improve.
The Padel School Learn the basics course

Learn the Basics Course

Do you want to learn the basics of padel? How to make certain points? Where do you have to position yourself in order to have an advantage towards your opponent? This course teaches you all the things you need to know when you're just starting with the game. Every aspect a beginning player needs to know is covered in this course. Improve your game in the early stage!