5 Reasons to Consider Adding Padel Tennis to Your Racket Club

This is How This Exciting Sport Will Boost Your Business and Upgrade Your Community

Tennis and squash are incredible sports that continue to draw attention and interest from many people around the world. Padel is the younger brother to these two dominant racket sports, but it deserves its place in your club.

We’ve heard many people say that once they added padel to their clubs, their memberships doubled. Doubled! All because they added padel courts.

The growth of padel on a global level is a completely unstoppable phenomenon. —Marcos Del Pilar, President of the USPA

It’s obvious that padel is what the people want. It’s a sport that many try out for fun and quickly grow to love.

With padel courts springing up all across the world, here are five reasons to consider adding it to your club’s offerings.

1) Huge Boost to Community

Padel is a social sport and will help elevate the community within your club. People who play padel stick around for drinks afterwards to get to know each other better. It’s not uncommon for players to linger long after the game swapping padel war stories and strategies.

It’s less likely two tennis players or two squash players will linger for too long, but since there are always four people playing padel, it makes sense to hang out and chat as a group. And then, the foursome that played on one court will connect with the other players who finished up right after them from a different court. It’s easy to get to know many people just by playing padel.

Padel is a fantastic social sport, and it’s only going to continue its massive pace of growth.

2) More People, More Money

Padel differs from tennis and squash because players almost always play in doubles format.   Each time a court is booked, four people pay for their time on the field. It works well for the players because they can split the fees for the court, and it works well for you because you can charge an appropriate amount for field maintenance and still turn a profit.

3) Require Less Space and Are Durable

If built with space in mind, you can fit two to three padel courts in the space of one indoor tennis court. This is great, as padel courts often pop up in cities and other areas without the proper space for larger tennis courts.

If done right, padel courts are durable and stand the test of time. So once you build the courts, they’ll keep on bringing in revenue. As long as you keep up with the maintenance, courts will continue operating for years at a time.

If you’re looking to add padel, you need not have a ton of land to do so. Find an unused area, set the foundation, and voilà! You’ll have a few courts ready and available.

4) More Options

Players love having options. Some will become so obsessed with padel they never play tennis or squash again, but for the people who like variety, your club will stand out as the place that has it all.

While you’re at it, consider adding additional game options for the padel players who are hanging out after a match. Put in a foosball table, set up table tennis, or designate an area for a fun sport like Spikeball. Expand your variety and see how people respond.

Don’t get lulled into the habit of expecting more while doing the same things.

5) The Time is Now

Padel is the fastest growing net sport in the world. There are now millions of people playing padel every day in 57 countries.

What are you waiting for? If you’re the owner of a tennis club and need details on opening your own padel court, go here.

Best of luck to you!


-The Padel School

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