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Whether it's Playtomic, Matchi or a Local Rating, we know what players need to reach the next level.

Our online padel coaching platform has hundreds of on-demand lessons, training roadmaps and personalised feedback from the coaching team, plus a global community of like-minded padel players. Join our membership and start transforming your game today. Whatever your level, we have the right plan for you.

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Avoid Plateaus With Padel Coaching Courses

Improve every aspect of your game with hundreds of on-demand padel lessons carefully designed to create results fast. We take you through the key technical, tactical, physical and mental parts of the game, as well as the tips, tricks and drills that we know you won’t find anywhere else. If you follow them, your padel will improve. It’s that simple.

Padel Tips From The Best Coaches In The Game

It is very difficult to find a decent coach and then trying to commit them to having a regular lesson. Here you can have the best coaching in the world at your fingertips, you do not need to worry about booking the coach…or even the court!

Record videos of the padel shots you want to improve and post them to our Private Facebook Group to get tips on how to improve from our coaches!

Training Roadmaps To Guide YOUR Padel Journey

If you are someone who wants to learn padel the ‘right way’, you are in the right place! The personalised roadmaps of guided training are designed according to YOUR level.

The Padel School has trained thousands of players around the world, from players representing their country to those first picking up a racket. So we can say in full confidence we understand what it takes to improve players at your level.

Transform Your Game Through Our Member Challenges

Each month we select an area of the game and guide you through how you can improve this part of your game fast! Every member can join our monthly challenges and through the power of community, as a team we help you make huge improvements to your game in just a short amount of time.

A Simple, Flexible Padel Coaching Subscription

Find out more about what’s included in our exclusive membership & transform your game for a fraction of the cost of face-to-face padel lessons.



£ 144
Per Year
Save 20%


£ 15 Per Month

Transform Your Game Through Our Member Challenges

Our monthly member challenges are designed to help you dramatically improve your padel in just 30 days.

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Meet Our Members

Join a community of like-minded padel players striving to play their best padel

Becoming a part of our Padel School members community means stepping into a space where passionate padel players are achieving extraordinary results on the court.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned padel player, by joining our membership you will be joining hundreds of other padel players across the world who are playing their best ever padel.

Private Members Group

On our private Facebook community you can chat with other members and send in your shots to be analysed by our coaching team!

Monthly Challenges

Each month we select an aspect of the game to improve and share weekly exclusive tutorials, drills and tips to transform your game.

I went from playing beginner level padel to beating the better players at my club, entirely based on the lessons on this membership.
With no access to coaching at my club, I joined this to improve my game. In a few weeks I’d already seen a huge improvement.
I transformed my overheads in hardly any time. I sent in my clips to the TPS team got feedback and improved. The impact has been massive.
I love the way the lessons are personalised to me and my level. With the coaches giving feedback in the community it really feels like I have my own online padel coach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, it is. In fact, by combining in-person and online padel lessons, you can accelerate your learning trajectory, meaning you will get better quicker. This is what we call our ‘hybrid training methodology’ and is something we recommend to all players to help maximise their padel potential.

This will come down to how much time you spend practising and how closely you follow our coaching instructions. Our plans have been designed to create tangible results within six weeks.

If you think our free content is good, you should see our members-only content! By becoming a member, you get access to 300+ videos lessons; including our world-class padel coaching plans, a customised training roadmap, personal online coaching support from Sandy and the team & so much more. If you’re looking to take your padel to the next level and achieve your full potential, this membership is for you.

Just a racket, some balls and access to a court to play on. And, of course, a passion for learning the game of padel!

Yes, you cancel your membership at any time by emailing our customer service team – details of our terms and conditions can be found here.​

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Take your padel to the next level by joining our all-in-one powerful padel coaching membership.

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Be the first to get news and updates from The Padel School and receive regular newsletters full of tips, tricks, drills and great offers.

Stay in the loop!

Be the first to get news and updates from The Padel School and receive regular newsletters full of tips, tricks, drills and great offers.