Introducing the FIP Rise London Padel Open 2022: The UK’s First Professional Padel Tournament

A telltale sign padel is growing throughout the UK.

The FIP Rise London Padel Open 2022 was a Professional Padel Tournament sanctioned by the International Federation of Padel (FIP). The event, a first of its kind for padel in the UK, took place from August 4th-7th, 2022 and was held at the National Tennis Center. 

The complex was top-notch, the matches were incredibly exciting to watch, and some of the best players in the world were in attendance, giving all the spectators the show they came to see. From balls returned from outside the doors of the court, kicksmashes galore, and incredible defense responsible for rallies of 40 plus consecutive hits, padel was on fire in the UK this weekend. 

British number 1 Tia Norton took the title for the women with her partner Carla “Fitó” Fernandez beating the top ranked pair of Maaike Betz and Natalia Sanz Garcia. Norton is a rising talent, and her play at this event was a good sign she will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. For the men, a Dutch pair of Bram Meijer and Sten Richters won impressively in the final. 

I attended the event first as a player, and then as a commentator for the rest of my time. Of course, I love playing padel competitively, but I am enjoying the announcing side of things much more than I ever would have expected. 

I commentated briefly for the first match with Tom Murray, the head of LTA padel. Then I presided over the matches with Sam camp, a tournament organizer who did a fantastic job throughout the week. Finally, Tia Norton and I got to chat and provide commentary on the men’s final.

Commentating has been a great way to enhance my speed of interpreting padel tactics because I have to be on my toes with my analysis, and then, of course, I have to share what I’m seeing in a way that everyone can understand. I thoroughly enjoyed this side of the event, and can’t wait to announce again soon. 

One thing I quite enjoyed was seeing younger club players, as well as older more seasoned veterans, in awe at the talent on display. It’s extremely important for club players to see such high-level competition and games at these ridiculous speeds. I could see the expressions of club level players whose minds were spinning at the possibilities for improving their own games. 

I always recommend a mix of in-person and online coaching for improving your padel level. Now, I am seeing how beneficial events like these are for players who truly want to reach greater levels of competition, but might not yet know what this even looks like. The padel player who improves the most is typically a big fan of the sport!

I highly recommend attending an event just like this one if you get the chance. It’s an amazing experience, and you will see some of the best padel action around. If you’re looking for ways to improve your game, or just want a fun and exciting weekend of entertainment, a padel tournament is a fun family-friendly option. 

Overall, there were some truly amazing players at the FIP Rise London Padel Open 2022. The games were intense, and everyone brought their best game to the table. It was an amazing experience to watch these athletes compete, and I’m sure the spectators agreed this event was a tremendous success. 

I’m excited not only for the future of padel across the globe, but I am seeing the growth in the UK before my very eyes. We live in exciting times for this sport. 

Catch you at the next event,

– Sandy and the Padel School Team

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