Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership FAQs

No, you don’t. Our coaching plans and training roadmaps are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, meaning that no matter what playing level you are (or aspire to be), this membership will show you how to improve your padel.

We’re glad you asked because we’re super proud of this feature! Using our unique coaching methodology, we’ve designed a step-by-step training path to show you how to improve your padel. Based on your individual playing level, we map out exactly which lessons you need to follow and when. Think of it as your very own padel training program!

Yes, you do – as part of our membership in our Shot Fixer group, you can submit questions and videos of your technique to Sandy & the team, and we will provide personal online coaching support to you. It’s almost like having us as your personal coach! ​

Our coaching plans are our world-class training programmes designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Our exclusive content is members-only content that we update on a weekly basis and includes tutorials, webinars and training drills that you won’t find on any of our other channels.

Course FAQs

Yes, you can and across any device. Our students love our courses so much because they can come back to it whenever they want and watch their lessons on-the-go or even at the practice courts!​

All you need is a racket and some balls, and access to a padel court. The most important thing is to train consistently and if you follow our lessons, you will improve – it’s that simple. ​

It depends on which part of your game you wish to improve. Our courses are designed for players of all levels – to help you master the fundamentals as well as teach you those expert tips to take your game to the next level. 

The reason our online students are having such success is partly the level of coaching we provide, but also the opportunity to have access to training lessons whenever they want. In-person lessons are great and can really help your game, but that is often an hour on court (usually with multiple players) once a week. This is a perfect compliment to those lessons, because you can access them whenever you want and do not need the hassle of trying to book the coach/court!

Yes – apart from our Basics Starter Pack course which is specifically designed for beginners, our course content covers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels which is perfect for experienced players who wish to master the fundamentals and also take their game to the next level. ​