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World-class Padel Coaching Courses

Improve every aspect of your game with hundreds of on-demand padel lessons carefully designed to create results fast. We take you through the key technical, tactical, physical and mental parts of the game, as well as the tips, tricks and drills that we know you won’t find anywhere else. If you follow them, your padel will improve. It’s that simple.

Personalised, Tailored Roadmaps

Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player looking to hit the next level, we provide you with a personalised roadmap that puts you on the perfect path to transforming your padel game.

Based on your current level and future goals, we tell you what you need to practice (and when), putting you on the right track to unlocking your padel potential.

Join A Global Community

Join a supportive and like-minded padel community that is unified by their passion for the sport and maximising their improvement. Our dedicated forums discuss everything from game analysis to padel training tips, giving you a chance to share ideas within the community and gain exclusive access to Sandy and the coaching team.

A Simple, Flexible Padel Coaching Subscription

Find out more about what’s included in our exclusive membership & transform your game for a fraction of the cost of face-to-face padel lessons.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, it is. In fact, by combining in-person and online padel lessons, you can accelerate your learning trajectory, meaning you will get better quicker. This is what we call our ‘hybrid training methodology’ and is something we recommend to all players to help maximise their padel potential.

This will come down to how much time you spend practising and how closely you follow our coaching instructions. Our plans have been designed to create tangible results within six weeks.

If you think our free content is good, you should see our members-only content! By becoming a member, you get access to 300+ videos lessons; including our world-class padel coaching plans, a customised training roadmap, personal online coaching support from Sandy and the team & so much more. If you’re looking to take your padel to the next level and achieve your full potential, this membership is for you.

Just a racket, some balls and access to a court to play on. And, of course, a passion for learning the game of padel!

Yes, you cancel your membership at any time by emailing our customer service team – details of our terms and conditions can be found here.​

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