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Customised Roadmaps to Guide YOUR Padel

We know there is so much advice out there – whether it is from friends, spectators, club coaches or enthusiastic partners! It can be difficult to know how appropriate it is to YOUR level. Not only do we help you select your padel level, but we guide you how to reach the next stage.

The Best Padel Coaches Available In Our Private Facebook Group

It is difficult to find experienced padel coaches that can give you feedback. Here you can send videos of your shots to our coaching team and get tips to improve. We have improved hundreds of players around the world with this video feedback tool, it is a complete game-changer whether you already receive coaching or not!

World Class Video Courses

You may have discovered The Padel School through our ‘second-to-none’ video content on social media. Those short tip videos are great, but our video padel courses are designed to lead you step by step through all the areas of the game. Unlike trying to book an occasional lesson with a busy coach, you can go through these video lessons at your own pace… oh and we have over 250 videos across 30 courses and counting!

Connect with players and coaches from around the world.

Exclusive Content And Brand Discounts For Our Members

Gain access to our members-only content that you will not be able to find anywhere else. These include padel drills, match analysis, fitness exercises and much more. Another feature bringing you more quality advice from one of the most respected sources in the game.

As a member, you will also receive exclusive discounts on the biggest padel and fitness brands in the market. Sign up and you can actually save money!

Discounts on the biggest padel & fitness brands

Latest Product Reviews

Choosing the right padel racket for you, can be one of the most frustrating experiences for any level player. Here you can get the objective opinions of the pros on the latest padel equipment. Setup like a forum players can ask questions share their experiences with each piece of padel equipment.

Other Exclusive Member Benefits

As well as all the padel tips, by joining our community, you also get access to other exclusive member-only benefits.

From giveaways to webinars, live podcasts, competitions and more, our padel membership really is the ideal creation for anyone looking to take their padel to the next level.

A Simple, Flexible Padel Coaching Subscription

Transform your game for a fraction of the cost of face-to-face padel lessons.



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Who’s Our Membership for?

No matter your level. We guide you through practising efficiently and with purpose through a combination of tailored roadmaps and in-depth coaching plans, challenges and community, plus other exclusive content and benefits.

Beginner Players

Learn padel the right way by investing in your coaching early on. With tons of padel tips for beginners, basic techniques, tactics and advice on how to avoid common mistakes, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you see results on the court.

– Learn the fundamentals so vou can consistently improve
– Master basic techniques, understand tactics and develop your skills
– Learn common mistakes and how to avoid them
– Overcome the beginner’s plateau
– Gain tons of padel tips for beginners

Intermediate Players

Once you feel confident with the basics of padel, learn how to take your game up a gear with more advanced approaches. The result? Consistent improvements on the court and more matches won!

– Learn advanced skills to supercharge your improvement
– Avoid plateaus and see constant improvement on the court
– Play smarter padel and develop attack & defensive shots
– Have more fun on the court
– Win more matches

Advanced Players

It’s time to take your game to the next level. You’re an experienced player and already have a strong padel foundation in place. Perfect your game and learn game-changing padel tips that will sharpen your level, transforming you from a good player to a great one.

– Learn the techniques and drills used by pros
– Access padel tips from the pro tour
– Play more aggressive volleys
– Hit a deep lob more consistently
– Handle pressure more comfortablv in matches

Don't Know Your Level?

Not sure what your padel level is? Take our quiz and see how our padel courses can help you!

Don’t Know Your Padel Level?

Take our quiz to find out your level and which padel courses can help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t. Our coaching plans and training roadmaps are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, meaning that no matter what playing level you are (or aspire to be), this membership will show you how to improve your padel.

We’re glad you asked because we’re super proud of this feature! Using our unique coaching methodology, we’ve designed a step-by-step training path to show you how to improve your padel. Based on your individual playing level, we map out exactly which lessons you need to follow and when. Think of it as your very own padel training program!

Yes, you do – as part of our membership through our private Facebook members community, you can submit questions and videos of your technique to Sandy & the team, and we will provide personal online coaching support to you. It’s almost like having us as your personal coach! ​

Our coaching plans are our world-class training programmes designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Our exclusive content is members-only content that we update on a weekly basis and includes tutorials, webinars and training drills that you won’t find on any of our other channels.

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Be the first to get news and updates from The Padel School and receive regular newsletters full of tips, tricks, drills and great offers.

Stay in the loop!

Be the first to get news and updates from The Padel School and receive regular newsletters full of tips, tricks, drills and great offers.