Padel Rules You Need To Know


The rules of padel

This video summarises the basic padel rules for anyone starting to play or wanting to play a game with their friends. There are a few more intricate rules around playing from outside, but this covers the majority you will need. Sandy will go through the rules of the game and you will be ready to play!

Typical layout

A padel game is always played with four people. Two persons per side. The court is 10 meters by 10 meters per side. You also have a back wall, which is 3 meter high with an extra meter of fence at the top.

Keeping score

The score is the same as tennis. It is 15-0, 30-0, 40-0, game, etc. In the World Padel Tour they play a golden point at deuce instead of advantage. The golden point is a deciding point to win or lose the game.

The bounce

The ball must bounce off the grass before rebounding off the glass or fence. If the ball goes directly to the glass or fence, the ball is out. The ball may only bounce once. You are allowed to volley before the bounce.

Own glass

You are allowed to use your own glass to hit the ball. The side glass and back glass are allowed to be used. You are only not allowed to use the fence or top fence. Then the ball will be out.

Start the point

The point will start with a serve. Points to keep in mind at the serve are:

  • You must put your hand through the loop of your racket (beginners for sure!)
  • You must serve within your ‘rectangular box’
  • You must bounce before serving
  • You must contact the ball below waist height
  • You have a first and second serve
  • The ball must bounce within the diagonal service box
  • Bounce to the fence? The ball is out!
  • Bounce to the glass? The ball is in!

Partner location

Partners can stand wherever they would like to, but Sandy has some advice:

  • The partner of the server needs to stand at net position
  • The partner of the returner needs to stand in line with the returner

The net

At the net there are the following rules:

  • You are not allowed to touch the net or net post
  • The ball must have bounced on your side first before you are allowed to reach over net and contact

Running outside

You are allowed to run outside and play the ball back in. This would happen for example when your opponent smashes the ball out of the cage and you need to bring it back to play further. You would only run outside if there is enough space on both sides of the court. When you play competition there needs to be a minimum of 2 by 5 meters, but you want a little bit more, because people often have bags and benches like that around the court.


At the World Padel Tour there is an umpire that decides if a ball is in or out. When you play with your friends, you need to play referee by yourself. If you and the other duo are in doubt, then play a let. That means you play the point again.

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