How to Attack Backhand Volleys?


How do I need to play more aggressive backhand volleys?


In this video Sandy will explain how you need to play more aggressive backhand volleys. He will discuss the technique, common errors and give you some tips to be more aggressive with your backhand volley.

The technique

The technique for the backhand volley is:

  • Be in a ready position
  • Rotation of the upper body/shoulders
  • “Load” with your back leg and toe
  • Push forward into the shot
  • Timing and contacting just in front of your body
  • Follow through

Common errors

Common errors for the attacking backhand volley are:

  • Preparation: your racket hangs down (not in a ready position) and you are being late on the ball.
  • Recognition: people choosing the wrong type of ball to play an aggressive backhand volley.

Tips for a better and more aggressive backhand volley are:

If the backhand is above head height, you need to play a more controlled shot. A power
Timing a smash is crucial to win more points So many players love to smash as hard as they can and in most situations this can get you in trouble, but in this video I explain when it is a GOOD time to do this!..
backhand volley should be played on shoulder height.
You need to play a backhand volley on a ball with medium to slow speed. You need time to recognize the weaker ball, so you can give the backhand more power.
You also need to watch the opponent’s position. Are they struggling/in a weaker position? Now it is the right time to play a more aggressive backhand volley.
Putting some slice to your backhand volley will make it more effective.

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