Find your Padel Grip

How to get the right grip on your padel racket?

The base grip to hold on your padel racket is called the continental grip. You will find this grip by sliding your hand down the racket from the triangle in the middle to the end of the grip. This grip will be used for a lot of shots like a backhand, forehand or volley. Besides the continental grip there is an extreme grip. Just only variate between these two grips when you are at the back of the court! When you are searching for the right grip, always use your left hand. Your left hand brings accuracy to find the right grip. Use your left hand between the shots to hold the grip gently with your right hand.

Common mistakes

Nevertheless, there are also some common mistakes when you change your grip. People often do not use their left hand when they are changing their grip. When you do not use your left hand, you will make mistakes. For example, when you change from forehand to backhand or take a volley.

Practice the continental grip

The best way to improve your continental grip is to practice on a wall. Turn yourself side on to the court and practice by hitting the ball against the wall or glass while holding the continental grip. It looks very easy and boring, but you have to get comfortable with it. When you think you are ready for the next step, you can practice the continental grip with your forehand and backhand. Use your left hand every shot on the racket when you switch from shot (backhand or forehand). To make this exercise more difficult or you also want to train your aim, put a post-it or something else on the wall and just try to hit the post-it. You want to be sure to have the right grip from the start, because the grip is the foundation for all your future techniques.


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