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bajada padel

The Bajada

When you are lobbed there is almost always a chance to attack back straight away, that shot is ‘The Bajada’…


Shot Fixer – FREE VIDEOS

Check out these sample videos to give you a taster of the Shot Fixer content. We will be regularly adding to the Shot Fixer video collection to help cover every technical problem that may arise! To have full access to the database of videos, sign up for the monthly membership.

padel vibora

The Vibora

The hardest overhead to learn, this aggressive shot has a fast racket head speed, so if there are any technical errors it can have disastrous results.

padel bandeja

The Bandeja

One of the most difficult shots to learn, the bandeja can immediately be improved by avoiding some simple technical errors.

padel volleys

The Volleys

The objective of padel is to win the point from the net, so it stands to reason that if you are making mistakes at net this will affect your performance!

padel glass

Back Glass

Getting the technique right for the back glass is the foundation for all the glass shots! If you can cut these mistakes out you will immediately start building confidence using the glass!

padel return

The Return

Often a difficult shot for players learning the game, particularly with a serve off the glass. If you can remove some simple errors for this shot it makes it much more likely you can control the direction of the return!

padel serve

The Serve

The serve is the only shot you have complete control over. So it is important to remove as many technical errors as you can, meaning you can start each point the right way!

Tactics Course

This series of videos explains all you need to know about the tactical side of padel. This course covers areas including the basic strategies up to the more complicated game plans. One of the great things about padel is that as the technique is relatively easy to learn, the strategy of how and where to …

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One to One Course

This course we take you on court with some individual padel lessons. We cover 9 of the most difficult areas of the game, showing the steps for each shot and relevant drills to help you improve. This is an excellent course for anyone wanting to learn these padel shots themselves, but also for coaches wanting …

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Walls Course

In padel defending the corners of the court is one of the most difficult aspects of the game. It is an area that is unlike any other racket sport, as the variety of rebounds is so vast. As a player learning the sport, there are certain signs to look for to anticipate how the ball …

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The Overheads Course

This course illustrates the different overheads in padel and how to hit them effectively. This is one of the more complicated parts of the game and this group of videos have been put together to give a better understanding of these difficult padel shots.