• 6 Lessons

    6 Steps to Bandeja

    Master the bandeja in six easy-to-understand steps. Understand the technique and the tactics behind the shot to improve not only your game but also this crucial shot in padel. Start today!
  • 14 Lessons

    Learn The Basics

    Get the basics right - most important! People tend to forget to build a solid base which is one of the most important things in padel. If the foundation is good, learning the rest will become a lot easier. Start here.
  • 5 Lessons

    Lob & Chiquita Course

    The lob and chiquita are two important techniques of the game. If you master those your gameplay will be less predictable which will give you an advantage towards your opponents. Practice makes perfect.
  • 8 Lessons

    Maximise Net Course

    This course is specifically designed to improve your net game. This is crucial to get the most out of your tactical game. The more you'll dominate the net position, the easier it will become to win games.
  • 7 Lessons

    Mental Match Preparation

    This course is designed to get you ready for every type of match you are going to play. The mental aspect of the game is so important. A lot of players tend to forget this! Don't make the same mistakes and check out this course now.
  • 10 Lessons

    Overheads Course

    Improve all your smashes. Here you can learn everything about all overhead techniques. Make sure to watch a video and practice it on court a lot!
  • 10 Lessons

    Serve Master Course

    Master the serve! The serve in padel, like in tennis, is the only shot in the game where the player has complete control over the…
  • 16 Lessons

    Tactics Course

    How to dominate strategically? Learn the padel tactics to dominate on court!
  • 16 Lessons

    Volley Masterclass

    The Volley Masterclass highlights all the aspects of padel volleys. How to conquer the net position during a match? And what are the objectives to think about when stepping forward with your partner?
  • 8 Lessons

    Walls Course

    Become a Wallmaster - Learning how to deal with the walls is crucial to becoming an excellent padel player. It can be frustrating, but we'll guide you through the process.