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Explore our course bundles below, designed specifically for players of all different levels. From complete serving guides to mastering the glass, we’ll deliver the top tips and tricks to elevating every single aspect of your game.

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Padel Physio Course

1 Course | 8 Exercises

Stay on the court longer and enjoy playing padel feeling flexible, strong and injury-free.

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Slinger Ball Machine

3 Courses | 25 Lessons

Ball machine exercises that target every aspect of your game and for every level of player.
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TRX Padel Workout

4 Workouts | 29 Exercises

Get ready to feel stronger and more confident on the court with this first-ever TRX padel workout.
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Complete Serve & Return

4 Courses | 32 Lessons

Turn your serve and return into a weapon that your opponents struggle to get back.
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Complete Volleying

3 Courses | 27 Lessons

Guiding you through what to practice to take your volleys to the next level.
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Master The Glass

3 Courses | 21 Lessons

Transform your game and become at one with the glass!
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Groundstrokes 101

3 Courses | 27 Lessons

Give yourself more confidence than ever from the back of the court. 

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Total Tactics

3 Courses | 20 Lessons

Guiding you through the best and most effective tactics of the game.

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Complete Vibora

3 Courses | 19 Lessons

Your step-by-step guide to mastering the vibora once and for all.

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Master The Mental Game​

3 Courses | 22 Lessons

Building mental strength and confidence on the court.

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The Basics Starter Pack

8 Courses | 65 Lessons

Solidify the right padel fundamentals and improve your game long-term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can and across any device. Our students love our courses so much because they can come back to it whenever they want and watch their lessons on-the-go or even at the practice courts!​

All you need is a racket and some balls, and access to a padel court. The most important thing is to train consistently and if you follow our lessons, you will improve – it’s that simple. ​

It depends on which part of your game you wish to improve. Our courses are designed for players of all levels – to help you master the fundamentals as well as teach you those expert tips to take your game to the next level. 

The reason our online students are having such success is partly the level of coaching we provide, but also the opportunity to have access to training lessons whenever they want. In-person lessons are great and can really help your game, but that is often an hour on court (usually with multiple players) once a week. This is a perfect complement to those lessons, because you can access them whenever you want and do not need the hassle of trying to book the coach/court!

Yes – apart from our Basics Starter Pack course which is specifically designed for beginners, our course content covers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels which is perfect for experienced players who wish to master the fundamentals and also take their game to the next level. ​

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Stay in the loop!

Be the first to get news and updates from The Padel School and receive regular newsletters full of tips, tricks, drills and great offers.