How To Play Against Tall Or Short Players?

Tips and tricks to beat tall and short players

If you play a lot of padel matches, you probably played against very short and tall players. As soon as you step on court against one of these opponents you can immediately think of a few areas to test. But how do you play against a short or tall player? Sandy will give you the best tips in this video!


In the top of the padel world we have the tallest player called Coello (190 cm) and the shortest player called Chingotto (170 cm). The difference? Taller players tend to have it more difficult when dealing with lower balls and shorter players tend to be less effective at the net.

Against tall players

For a taller player it is more difficult to react and block a fast ball to the body at the net. You can also play soft balls down to the feet, because they need further to go. They are tall, have a more wingspan, but have less speed to move quickly to the ground. It sounds weird that you also can play a high lob against tall players, but only if they are not confident by smashing. When they are good at smashing, use a faster lob so they have to move quickly. Use a combination between these balls (lobs and at the net balls) against tall players.

Against shorter players

Against shorter players you have to play fast lobs when they are at the net so you minimize their chances to hit a good bajada. Shorter players also have a less wingspan than taller players. When you face shorter players, you have to play the balls into the gaps. When the shorter players are at the back, you have to play fast volleys so they need to cover as much ground as possible. Also soft balls down the middle will be successful.

Tall vs short

Sandy has some tips for playing as a short or tall player. When you are a tall player you need to try to dominate and keep the net position. When you are a shorter player you have to play to your strengths. Like if you are fast or have good reactions, try to play like that. You also need to avoid areas where you have to cover.


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