Fix Your Backhand Grip

How to fix your backhand grip in padel?

In this video Sandy and Toby (one of The Padel School coaches) are working on Toby’s backhands from the back of the court. They are particularly focused on his grip. Despite being one of the first techniques you learn in padel, it is also one of the more difficult to get right.

At the moment, Toby uses more like a tennis grip. His backhands are played with some topspin and they are not really bad, but not effective. When you look at the grip of Toby as an opponent, you will see what shot he is going to play. Sandy teached him to use an open racket face. With an open racket face you still can hit flat, but you can also choose for a lob or a chiquita.

With the open racket face you have more options for a shot. It depends on choosing the right shot. When you have got the time you need to play a good lob and not some lob. If you think your lob will not be effective, play some more shots to the body of your opponent or a chiquita. You want to try to get back in the game and attack from net position.


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