How to deal with lobs

How do you deal with lobs?

Players really struggle to learn the bandeja because they think so much about the technique of the shot. They forgot the purpose of a bandeja in padel! When you are receiving a lob, you are actually ‘defending’ at the net position and how you do that directly affects whether you keep the net position or lose it to your opponents. If you keep the net you have more chance of winning the point.


There are a few things that you need to recognize at a lob of your opponent:

  • Opponent comes underneath the ball
  • Immediately turn your body sideways
  • Start moving back
  • Decide on what type of overhead to hit

Type of shot

The next step is to decide what type of shot you are going to hit. Start with crossing out the ones that are not applicable. You can recognize the type of shot you need to play according to the opponent’s position on the court. When you get a ball to your open side, you can play a bandeja, vibora or flat aggressive smash. If the ball comes to your left side, you can play a gancho or topspin smash.

Depth of the lob

The depth of the lob also decides which shot you are going to play:

  • Is the lob deep? Let it bounce and play after the back glass (for example a lob or bajada)
  • Is the lob central played? Play a bandeja or aggressive vibora
  • Is the lob short? Hit a vibora, topspin smash or attacking flat

Make the decision

The final part is to make the decision on which shot you are going to play. For example, if the ball is not deep, you can play a smash. The most important part is to make a decision and stick to that decision. Do not change your decision when you are preparing for a shot! Also do not forget to recover your side of the court after you play your shot.


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