Must Use The High Lob To Get To Net!

High lob in padel

Why should you play the high lob?

Probably the best way to take over the net position is by lobbing your opponent. If it goes over your opponent’s head, they go backwards and you come forward. But if you reach a higher level, your opponent will know how to handle the lob. They can play the Bandeja or play a smash to the fence. However, if you play a really high lob you will win some more time and the ball is more difficult to hit for your opponent.

With this in mind you can come to the net position and prepare for the shot of your opponent

When to play the high lob?

You should play the high lob if you see your opponent hitting a lot of Bandejas. It is harder to hit Bandejas with power because the ball is coming down faster. So when you’re seeing that your opponent is doing well on his Bandejas and smashes, play the higher lob to give yourself more time to come to the net position and to make it more difficult for your opponent.


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