How to Dominate an Easy Serve?

Dominate an easy serve

The serve and the return are two main points of a padel game. During padel matches we see so often that players give their opponents an easy ball on the serve, but the returners do not take advantage of that ball. Sandy will give you some tips to get advantage of the easy serve of your opponent.

Returning an easy serve

A lot of people get an easy serve from their opponent, but they play the ball back like a ‘point starter’. When you get an easy serve, you have the time to play the ball back and get to the net with your partner so you are in the advantageous position. In steps it is:

Step up and return back to the server
Make a deep return
Come up to a volley position

From serve to volley

When you are waiting for the serve from the opponent, just stand a split step. Then move early into position. Then you have two options: lob your opponents or play a chiquita down to the feet. When you play one of those balls, you need to move into a net position. A small tip: do not end up in no mans land. When you go for a volley, you both have to go to the net. If you hit a bad lob or chiquita, recover back as a pair and rebuild the point.


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