How To Serve Like WPT Players!

Padel serve

Padel players have different intentions with their service. Some people are trying to hit a good service to get an easy ball back, while other people just use the service as a point starter. If you want to serve like the WPT players, your intention must be hitting a good service.

Service tips

There are differences in the services of the WPT players. Some bounce the ball up and others let the ball drop. Either way, there are a few things in common that all of the players do on their service.

  • Always bounce or drop the ball in front of you and to the side so you can swing freely
  • Take your racket back behind your head
  • Always contact the ball around waist height
  • Hit the ball with a little slice or flat
  • Always move your body forward towards the net after serving

If you aren’t currently applying all these tips to your game, you have to practice a little more to serve like the WPT players. You can break the action of your service down into the 5 steps to see what you can do better. Take your racket back from the beginning and let the ball drop forward and next to you before serving. First get these tips in your game and later on you can add the other tips.

So from now on you should step up to the line when serving and remember that you can use the service to your advantage when playing the point.


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