How To Hit A Better Topspin Smash

Topspin smash padel

This video is about the topspin smash. An impressive shot which most of the pro players use in their game. They make it look quite easy but there are a few things to keep in mind when you implement this in your own game.

There are three main things to consider:


Your location on the court is important. If you’re further back on the court you have to give the ball more spin on the ball because that is necessary to get the ball out of the court. When you’re standing close to the net, you will have to hit it less hard.

Racket face contact

Important is to make sure you hit the ball towards the top end of the racket to get the right amount of spin and speed

Where to aim

There’s a small area where you should be aiming for when hitting the topspin smash. When you let the ball bounce too short it won’t have the power to go outside the court and when you let the ball bounce too deep it won’t have the angle to go high enough. Check the video to see which area you should be aiming for!


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