How to topspin smash to fence!

15 december 2021

Topspin smash - Padel

The topspin smash to the fence is a smash a lot of players don’t use. Many players try to play the smash that goes over the side glass out of the court. The diagonal topspin smash to the fence is very effective because the fence is so unpredictable. In this article we will discuss why you should use it and where you should aim.

Why to use it?

The topspin smash to the fence is a different smash than the mostly played smashes. Most of the smashes are flat or a hard topspin smash down the middle. So to bring variety to your game, this smash can be helpful in your next game. Besides the variety, it is also hard to defend the ball to the fence. So when your opponents are coming to the net you can play the topspin smash to the fence.

Where to aim?

The area you should be aiming for is close to the fence. The closer to the fence, the lower contact point to the fence. This will make it more difficult for your opponent to react. Play the ball with a little bit of topspin and medium to fast speed.

This smash is not only effective itself but is also good to practice the topspin smash over the fence. It’s the same preparation and you will get used to the action of ‘brushing’ the ball.

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