Killer volleys

How to play killer volleys?

There are so many players that struggle with finishing the point at the net position. They do not do a good job at finishing from the net while the opponents are out of position. When you go up in level you have to be good at finishing points at the net position. Sandy will give you some tips to increase your volleys.

Space and gaps

Volleying in padel is different then volleying in tennis. When you come from tennis or want to hit better volleys, you have to finish the ball with the right amount of speed, spin and direction. Make sure that your opponents are out of position. When your opponents are in a good position it is difficult to hit a winning volley. You need to force your opponents in a difficult position and give yourself the space to hit that killer volley.

Recognising your opponent’s body position

You need to recognise your opponent’s body position when you want to play a winning volley. Sometimes you think you can hit a good volley, but your opponents are better than you thought and they can counter your volley. In higher level you may need to play three, four set up balls before hitting a winning volley. If you want to hit the winning volley, step into the ball so you take time from your opponents.

How to hit a killer volley?

Tips to hit a killer volley are:

On a floating ball: take a slice volley or flat volley
Give yourself a bit of margin for error.
Give yourself a nice opportunity to finish off the point.
Play within your capability.


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