TRX Padel Workout

With padel being a sport that requires total body strength, mobility and power, it’s important to do off-court functional training that targets the various muscle groups that padel utilises.

TRX has already established itself as the leader in functional training in the fitness industry. As such we are super excited to bring you the first of its kind: a TRX based workout that is specific for padel.

In this fitness course, we use two pieces of TRX equipment – The RIP Trainer and The Suspension Trainer – and guide you through a series of workouts to help strengthen the muscles you need on the padel court. From how to setup the trainers, warming up correctly and using the equipment for basic to advanced exercises geared to all physical levels, this course will help you become stronger, faster, more mobile and flexible, as well as less prone to injury.

Get ready to feel stronger and more confident on the court with this first-ever TRX padel workout developed by The Padel School coaching team in collaboration with TRX.


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Easy to setup and worked me hard!
I was never sure what workouts I could do to help my padel so when I tried this, it was great! Setting the equipment up is easy and exercises are harder than they look on the videos! Loved it.
Great home workout for padel
Always wondered what at home fitness I could do for padel. Easy to follow and great workout. Overall felt more balanced and stronger on the court even after just a few workouts.
Combine it with my on-court training
Keep the RIP trainer in my bag and do the workouts after my padel sessions. Complements my padel training well. Great course.

What You will Learn

What You’ll Need To Get Started

4 Complete Workouts To Choose From

On-demand learning anywhere and anytime – shape your padel practice around your own schedule. 

Basic RIP Workout

This workout takes you through the basics of how to use the RIP Trainer for developing foundational strength required for padel. It specifically targets the core, legs and upper body that are key muscle groups to be strong on the padel court. Don’t be fooled by this being a Basic Course – your body will be working hard to complete it and after just one workout, you will feel stronger and more balanced on the court.

Basic Suspension Trainer Workout

If you’re looking for functional training that trains your mobility and is geared towards improving your padel specific strength, then look no further as this course is a perfect starting point. Easy to setup and complete anywhere you like, this workout will target the major muscle groups and give you the right foundations to stay injury free and develop full-body strength. Get ready to feel more mobile, flexible and stronger on the court.

Advanced RIP Workout

Ready for a workout that will blast your core, lower body and push your upper body strength to the limit whilst also being padel specific? Then this advanced workout is for you. This workout builds on the Basic RIP Workout and is a combination of strength, flexibility and power all in one workout! If you add this workout to your padel training schedule, you will see a huge difference on the court!

Advanced Suspension Trainer Workout

This workout has it all. Strength, core stability, mobility and power – this workout targets all the areas you need to be a physically strong padel player. Building on the Basic Suspension Trainer Workout, this advanced workout is for players who want to develop the muscle groups that will not only help them play better on the court, but also stay injury free. Get ready to feel stronger, more confident and more functional on the court.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can and across any device. Our students love our courses so much because they can come back to it whenever they want and watch their lessons on-the-go or even at the practice courts!​

All you need is a racket and some balls, and access to a padel court. The most important thing is to train consistently and if you follow our lessons, you will improve – it’s that simple. ​

It depends on which part of your game you wish to improve. Our courses are designed for players of all levels – to help you master the fundamentals as well as teach you those expert tips to take your game to the next level. 

The reason our online students are having such success is partly the level of coaching we provide, but also the opportunity to have access to training lessons whenever they want. In-person lessons are great and can really help your game, but that is often an hour on court (usually with multiple players) once a week. This is a perfect complement to those lessons, because you can access them whenever you want and do not need the hassle of trying to book the coach/court!

Yes – apart from our Basics Starter Pack course which is specifically designed for beginners, our course content covers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels which is perfect for experienced players who wish to master the fundamentals and also take their game to the next level. ​

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Be the first to get news and updates from The Padel School and receive regular newsletters full of tips, tricks, drills and great offers.