Forget Spain! Come to Germany to Get the Best Padel Training Around

The Padel School Goes to Germany to Deliver Coach Education.

The Padel School recently travelled to Germany to deliver coach education at Padel City, one of the top clubs in Germany.

In this brief article, we’ll share a bit about our trip, as well as give you an inside look at our philosophy on coach education.

Our coach education team spent a thrilling three days in Germany. On the court, we saw a marked improvement in every member of the large group of coaches who came out for our sessions. The coaches, like in many of our workshops, had varying amounts of coaching and padel experience, but we could tell immediately that we would be able to hone those skills and they were keen to learn!

They were looking for the know-how to help their players break plateaus and ultimately play at a much higher level. They also wanted to know how to make the most of initial coaching sessions, which are often vital to a club’s success.

While we were there, we witnessed several “aha!” moments from coaches and players alike, which made the trip immediately worth it.

You want to know our big secret to great coach education? We don’t do any classroom time. We firmly believe that the primary way people learn and process padel information is on the court – adults learn through ‘doing’ and therefore why would we sit in a conference room looking at a projector for hours?

We deliver in a way to suit whatever the learning preference is of the students:

  1. Visual – people who learn through watching
  2. Auditory – people who learn through listening
  3. Kinaesthetic – people who learn through practice and doing

Over the three days, we covered the most basic padel techniques and strategies for their players. But we differentiate ourselves in this market by focusing on teaching the coach HOW to deliver great padel lessons, not teaching them how to play themselves.

Coach education is becoming such a vital part of successful clubs. We’re seeing first-hand the explosive growth clubs experience once they increase their foundation of knowledge among their coaches.

Great clubs have great coaches who develop great players. Prestige padel clubs are so much more than just concrete slabs with nets in enormous warehouses; they are vibrant communities of growth, learning, and fun.

Effective coach education not only increases the level of padel throughout the country, it brings an energy to the clubs you don’t see everywhere. We could feel the positive excitement for developing their players, and this is something we wish every club could experience for themselves.

This is the last trip of many in 2022. It’s been a fantastic year of helping to develop players and coaches around the world, and we can’t wait to help padel grow in 2023.

If you’re the owner of a padel club and want to know how The Padel School could help, please reach out and connect with us. We’d be happy to see if we’d make a good fit.

Thanks for reading and best wishes,

-Sandy and The Padel School Team

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