Heading To America – The Padel School Goes To The US & St Maarten

The Padel School Embark on a Transatlantic Journey for Padel Education and Cultural Exchange

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming trip to the United States for a series of padel lessons and workshops at prestigious padel clubs and locations. As part of this enriching experience, The Padel School will also extend its journey to the beautiful island of St Maarten. Here we will engage in a collaborative workshop with a renowned padel club.

The Padel School will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with esteemed padel clubs, coaches, and players abroad. This allows for an exchange of knowledge which fosters international relationships within the padel community. The trip aims to further promote awareness and development of the sport, while also providing a platform for cross-cultural learning and progression. The vast market of the US represents huge potential for padel. Tapping into the foundations and clubs in America signifies a promising direction for the sport.

Where Are The Padel School Heading?

The itinerary includes visits to several prominent padel clubs. The Padel School will conduct workshops, training sessions, and interactive demonstrations. Participants will have the chance to learn from the UK’s leading padel experts. They will gain invaluable insights and skills to enhance their on-court performance. Here’s where we are heading…

Beverley Hills, LA

The tour will begin on the 9th August 2023 at a mesmerising private location of Beverley Hills, LA. Over the course of five days until 13th August, we will be holding private lessons, introductory sessions, and matchplays with a range of keen padel enthusiasts.

Sandy Farquharson, Founder of The Padel School, states, “LA represents a unique development in padel. Many residents are beginning to install padel courts in their households. This enables them to build a following through friends of friends and word of mouth. Communities are then naturally forming, free of any leagues, clubs, or events, completely prioritising the social aspect of the sport. It’s an interesting dynamic which is different to what we’re used to. It’s definitely working though and we’re very excited to begin our trip there.”

St Maarten, Caribbean

Additionally, The Padel School will bring our expertise and passion for padel to the picturesque island of St Maarten. From the 15th-18th August, we will be collaborating with the renowned local padel, SXM Padel Club. This exciting partnership aims to create a cultural fusion of padel techniques and strategies, highlighting the global appeal and inclusivity of the sport.

Sandy goes on to say, “St Maarten is a place I’ve never visited but I can’t wait to get to the beautiful island and learn about its padel culture. It’s great to see vibrant padel communities growing, particularly in lesser-known nations and corners of the world. These nations often don’t tend to cultivate burgeoning sports to necessarily take off. There’s been plenty of international padel events which have taken place in St Maarten. This certainly highlights the padel craze which has taken over the small Caribbean island.”

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, which lies in the midwestern area of the US, is the third highest populated city in the whole of the country. The Padel School will wrap up our trip here, beginning on 22nd August and finishing on the 23rd August. We will be conducting player clinics, exhibitions and community events with the amazing guys at Padel Clube. A relatively new club formed in 2021 after a visit to Portugal witnessing professionals Stefano Valenti and Nuno Pinto play, Padel Clube features an excellent setup within an iconic city which could really see padel ignite.

Sandy mentions, “Chicago is a city I’ve been to a few times, but never for padel. It’s going to be very interesting as Padel Clube is the first club in the Chicago area. We’ve found when a first club opens in a particular area or country, it’s very difficult to build that community from scratch. A lot of the work they’re doing is to build awareness and teach the basics to participants who are unfamiliar with the sport. I’m sure they’re already on their way with this, but getting us over to do a range of player clinics, exhibitions and events will only enhance their reputation.”

The Aim Of The Trip

The Padel School are incredibly excited about this upcoming journey. Our aim is to strengthen the global padel community by sharing our knowledge and experiences with padel enthusiasts in the United States, St Maarten and the rest of the world. We believe in the power of cultural exchange and collaboration to promote the growth of this amazing sport.

As stated, the trip is scheduled to begin on 9th August and conclude on the 23rd August. For more information, check out our events page where all 3 upcoming events are listed. We encourage any interested individuals, padel clubs, and media representatives to reach out to learn more about the scheduled workshops, training sessions, and partnership opportunities during this period.

What do you think, have we missed out on any iconic padel locations in the US or the Caribbean? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any questions or suggestions get in touch with us now!

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