This Is Why We Encourage Focused Group Training

Spend a Week with Sandy and See Enormous Progress 

I recently returned from my trip to California and I have to say; I had a wonderful time. Not only did I enjoy myself immensely, I saw incredible progress with most of the players I coached throughout the week.

It’s true that padel is a sport you can only truly master over time, but short intensive trainings focused on the basics of padel have the power to accelerate learning at a rapid pace. One of the most fulfilling parts of coaching and helping players to improve their game is seeing improvement over a short period, and I saw my fair share on this trip.

In this article I’ll share a few highlights from my padel camp in California. I’ll also share the steps to take if you’d like me to train you!

California is beautiful, but Zenyara, the luxury villa where we trained, shattered my wildest expectations. The accommodations were incredible, the grounds breathtaking, and the brand new padel court was dialed in to perfection. It’s no wonder Djokovic does his warm-ups here for Indian Wells.

Throughout the first day, we had two sessions during which we covered all the basics of padel. Taking these first steps might not be as exciting as developing a killer kick smash, learning how to slice a clean vibora deep into a corner, or finally returning a ball from outside the court, but mastering the basics spurns the highest level of improvement in the shortest amount of time.

I covered serving and returns, how to defend off the back and side glass, the importance of preparation for every shot in padel, the bandeja (a smash specific to padel that many players struggle to adapt to), basic padel tactics and much more.

I only spent one day at this court before moving onto Beverly Hills, but I can’t wait to go back and check in on the players. I saw loads of improvement already in just the short time I worked with them.

For the rest of the trip, we continued to do multiple sessions per day to master the basics, but eventually we moved on to match-play points to put what we learned into practice. I encouraged players to have fun and play hard, but to do their best to focus on improving what they just learned.

Implementing new techniques learned from coaching sessions into a game is one of the hardest parts of improving your game. You need to put it into a game scenario at some point, and this is why I typically end training sessions with matched points. I watch closely and provide in-game feedback to help players improve in the moment.

After every intense training camp, I always send a video summary of the experience to the participant In order to summarize the learning. It’s my goal for players to continue to improve long after I leave them, and these video summaries serve as a great way to foster long-term growth and improvement.

Four or five day premium padel training camps just like this one are open to anyone with a private court (or one they can book for an extended period). If you want to see an absolute transformation in your padel game in just a short time, training with me might be your ticket to excellence.

Email [email protected] if you’d like more information or want to schedule a quick call to discuss possibilities.

Thanks for reading and best of luck with your padel journey.

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