Top Places To Play Padel In Amsterdam

I was lucky enough to live in Amsterdam from 2016-2020 as the sport boomed across The Netherlands and so I experienced first-hand the explosion of padel clubs in the city of Amsterdam.

If you want to play padel in Amsterdam, the city now has a number of high-quality clubs that offer coaching, court hire and padel communities to join. Maybe you’re planning a holiday over there and fancy some padel, or perhaps you’re an expat living there and are just getting into the sport. Here we share the top places to play padel in Amsterdam.

Plaza Padel

The club for expat events

With 8 indoor courts, a Technogym warm up zone and cozy catering facilities, this is a high-quality indoor club where you can play padel in Amsterdam. It offers coaching, events and even has a pro shop to buy the latest padel equipment. They are really driven to bring new players to the game, including students who have a discount on courts. The club also has a number of clubs across The Netherlands so if you find yourself outside of Amsterdam, be sure to check those sites out too.

One of our Padel School ambassadors, Nicole Beumer, holds many expat events there through Expat Padel Club so if you’re an expat and want to play padel in Amsterdam, be sure to check it out!


The biggest padel club in Amsterdam

According to their website, they are the ‘biggest padel club in Amsterdam’ with 10 indoor courts and 12-metre-high ceilings (so your high lobs shouldn’t be a problem!). They offer a fully equipped Technogym fitness suite with personal trainers and physiotherapists on site. Their coaching programs offer a wide range of lessons for players of all levels so if you’re looking for coaching, this place has everything you need under one (high) roof.

Padel Dam

The club for rain or shine

One thing stuck with me living in Amsterdam and that was how much it rained (and that is coming from a Brit!). What also stuck though was how incredible the summer was there when the sun was shining with the beautiful green landscapes. Why am I saying all this? Because if you get the chance to play padel in Amsterdam under the sunshine out there, you should definitely do it! The great thing about Padel Dam padel club is it has 3 indoor and 8 outdoor courts so it gives you the option of enjoying a game under the Dutch sunshine or inside out of the rain – you choose!

Peakz Padel

The Dutch padel club chain

They are one of the largest padel club chains in the Netherlands with 102 indoor and outdoor courts in 17 different spots across the Netherlands! In Amsterdam they have a unique club location in an area called Sloterdijk under a railway bridge. This was one of the clubs that was being built at the time I was in Amsterdam and is an outdoor club, but the large bridge above acts as a cover for most of the courts. It’s truly a unique spot to play padel in Amsterdam!

B Amsterdam

Quirky, cool and with character

I really like the B Amsterdam club because it’s got that Dutch feel to it – with modern yet arty interior design, and a relaxed vibe. It’s located a little outside Amsterdam city but with 5 indoor courts and 1 singles court, it’s worth the journey. One thing to be aware of that many players notice, is the ceilings are lower than some of the other clubs in Amsterdam. But if you’re looking for a padel club with some character, this is the club to go to.

Padel & Travel: The Perfect Combo

It’s great to see so many clubs across Amsterdam and The Netherlands as a whole. If you’re heading to Amsterdam or even based there, then you’re in luck because they have a lot of options to play padel in Amsterdam!

I remember it wasn’t too long ago when I was in Amsterdam chatting to padel club owners back in 2016 who were the first ones to build padel clubs in the city and discussing whether padel would fully take off in The Netherlands at all…looking back I’m glad to say we were right – it has boomed!  


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