US Padel Series: Where To Play Padel In The US

One of the biggest issues facing those interested in playing Padel in the United States is the need for more courts and access to facilities. Unlike countries such as Spain which have over 15,000 courts across the country, the US boasts just 180 courts across 56 different venues.

Unlike a sport like Pickleball, which can largely be played on any hard court surface as long as you have a net, Padel requires significantly more space and resources to build a court. With that being said, there are some padel facilities across the United States that currently are a great place to start your padel journey. Here are some of the best padel facilities across the United States:

1. PADELphia, Philadelphia

Just outside Philadelphia in Bala Cynwyd, you can find one of the best padel facilities in the United States at PADELphia. With a combination of indoor and outdoor courts, the Pennsylvania club has become one of the most popular clubs for padel in the country.

PADELphia opened its doors in 2019 and has since hosted several tournaments incorporating clubs from all over the country. Further, the club has a wide variety of lessons on offer for all skill levels. PADELphia’s coaches are also all certified with the USPTA, making them a strong starting point for new players trying to learn the game properly.

PADELphia has also found success in its clinics that have introduced padel to over 500 new players, many of whom are younger kids. The importance of growing the game with the youth can’t be understated, as the long-term potential of the sport could hugely benefit from an influx of younger players.

2. Padel Haus, New York City

One of America’s biggest padel hubs can be found in the bustling metropolis of New York City where Santiago Gomez’s Padel Haus can be found. Opened in June of 2022, Gomez’s club is the shining representation of his passion for padel. Gomez has an entrepreneurial background, and with the help of outside investors, he made his dream of bringing padel to the Big Apple a reality.

The first Padel Haus location was built in Williamsburg, just outside the city center, but after a booming start and increased interest, two more facilities have been opened. One can be found in Domino Park and another in Dumbo Brooklyn.

Padel Haus Williamsburg boasts 8 high-end padel courts as well as other amenities. A juice bar and various recovery rooms make up a luxurious facility that has not only drawn interest from local Spaniards and Argentines but also local New Yorkers.

Padel Haus has also garnered national attention by hosting a USPA Tournament in May of last year. It’s important to note that the long-term success of padel in the United States must be rooted in proper coaching. By hosting tournaments in association with the national governing body, access to proper coaching will come with it.

After its success in New York, Gomez will also be expanding Padel Haus to other locations around the country, with venues set to be created in both Nashville and Greenpoint.

3. Wynwood Padel Club, Miami

Due to the Spanish-speaking population in Florida, and specifically Miami, it’s no wonder why the city has become an early cradle for padel in the United States. Clubs such as Wynwood, which hosts 8 outdoor courts, are among the most popular in the country. Further, the climate in Miami is extremely suited to those looking to play padel often, whereas other regions of the country may require indoor courts due to variable weather conditions.

One of the reasons why Wynwood is one of the best options for padel in the United States is their access to professional coaching. Wynwood makes it very easy to book a clinic or lesson with one of their pros online, a feature that not all clubs in the US provide. Wynwood also offers a variety of clinics based on skill level, starting with beginners and also offering lessons for more experienced players.

As discussed on our previous blog, the long-term success of padel in the United States hinges on whether or not new players can receive access to proper coaching. Without proper coaching, new players risk developing bad habits or hitting a skill development plateau.

Like Padel Haus, Wynwood also includes a number of amenities such as indoor recovery areas and a cafeteria.

4. P1 Padel, Las Vegas

Another one of America’s top destinations for padel can be found on the West Coast in Las Vegas at Real Racket Academy, which was recently taken over by P1 Padel.

P1 brings an enormous amount of pedigree to their Las Vegas club location which makes it a very attractive destination for top coaches. Their club also offers lessons and clinics for both beginners and experienced players that can be booked online.

With 8 courts, P1 Las Vegas is relatively one of the largest venues in the United States at the moment. Given that the awareness of the sport is in its infancy, the club must focus on having a successful launch and promotion that increases interest in the sport.

Similar to Wynwood in Miami, being in Las Vegas has clear benefits for playing padel due to the weather. While some locations in the US may be forced to build indoor courts because of cold weather, P1 Las Vegas can utilize its outdoor courts without the worry of climate affecting games.

5. iPadel, Houston

Founded in 2016 by Spanish professional player Belen Salcedo, iPadel Houston hosts multiple courts and was one of the first padel facilities built in the US. Salcedo moved to the US in 2013 to share her passion for the sport with Americans and she has done just that.

iPadel offers an easy online booking service for its courts as well as a variety of other clinics and lessons. These come in the form of group lessons, a summer camp for kids and younger players, and even parties. Additionally, iPadel has hosted multiple tournaments for nearby clubs to participate in, making it a hub for padel in the south of the United States.

With Salcedo, who is the top-ranked women’s professional player in the country, at the helm, iPadel truly is a strong representation of padel’s growing presence in the United States.

6. Reserve Padel, Miami

Considered ‘the Soho House for padel’, Reserve Padel is a members padel club situated in Miami and setup by businessman Wayne Boich. The club combines superb wellness facilities, with fantastic padel courts and a stunning backdrop.

The club has hosted exhibition matches and professional tournaments, and this year they hosted The Reserve Cup which saw the top padel professionals in the world compete at the club. The concept was a huge success and is something we will surely continue to see in the US as the sport grows further.


Whether you reside in the suburbs of New York City, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, or Miami, there are options available to you to play padel in the United States. While the US still lacks in general awareness of the sport, it is crucial clubs focus on bringing new players to the game to change that. Finally, while there are fewer courts in the US compared to the countries around the world where padel is more popular, the USPA predicts that by 2030, 30,000 courts will be available to American players; an ambitious figure, but one that represents the potential for padel in the US.


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