Can You Really Improve Your Game Through Online Padel Training?

This is a question we get asked all the time. Many people assume padel can only be learnt in real life through lessons with coaches and that online padel training is something more suited to scrolling on social media and finding a few tips.

Well, having helped thousands of players improve their game online through our platform, we can tell you from our experience and feedback from our members that YES – you absolutely can improve your game through online padel training.

Here are a few reasons why:

Online Padel Training Is The Perfect Complement To In-Person Coaching

We are the first to say in-person lessons are important for all players to improve their games and avoid improvement plateaus. Fact.

But if you only take in-person lessons, you’re simply missing a trick. Digital learning for padel is the perfect complement to in-person coaching for a number of reasons: firstly, it’s a great way to master your understanding of the technical foundations of a stroke. If you’re learning the bandeja with your coach, if you fully understand the key learning points and the mechanics, you will find it easier and quicker to pick up the technique. That’s not to mention the tactical side of the game – if you can understand the tactical elements of the game, this will be a huge help when it comes to developing game plans in matches.

Secondly, many players underestimate how with the right advice, they can make many self-corrections with minimal coaching input. In our Shot Fixer section we have a series of videos demonstrating the most common errors players make and how to fix them straight away. Almost certainly if you’re struggling with a stroke, you will not only fit into the profile of one of our Shot Fixer videos, but also likely be able to identify which error you’re making yourself without a coach telling you! You don’t always need in-person coaches to improve your game – you can make positive changes to your game with the right advice.

Lastly, let’s be honest, in-person coaching can be expensive. Some aspects of the game really do need in-person coaching…but others simply don’t. Many members using our platform say that digital learning is a cost-effective way to acquire skills and knowledge which they then can practice on their own with a training partner or even a ball machine.

Say Goodbye To Traditional Online Padel Training

When people think of a digital learning platform, they think of endless teaching videos and online tick-box exercises. We also experienced this type of online learning before which is why he wanted to completely revolutionise digital learning for padel through our platform.

We don’t just provide a huge library of content for you to sift through on your own – we give you a personalised training roadmap that is specific to your level and guides you step-by-step on how to improve your game, telling you what to practice and when.

We also offer our members the chance to send in clips of their strokes to our private members Facebook Community where our team of coaches can provide feedback, key learning points to work on and which lessons to watch. The result? Personalised coaching feedback and a clear path on how to quickly improve their game using our digital content.

High-Quality Padel Coaching Is Hard To Find

With padel the fastest growing racket sport in the world, there’s a problem. There aren’t enough knowledgeable padel coaches to accommodate the demand from players, particularly in emerging padel markets. Many padel coaches are giving lessons having not completed thorough coach education and with little padel experience, and therefore simply cannot provide the advice players need to improve.

A huge motivation of The Padel School has been to be that support system for players all over the world who are looking to access high-quality coaching advice anytime, anywhere. Our digital platform gives us the ability to share world-class padel advice to any player no matter where in the world they are. Online padel training you can trust can be hard to find, but you can guarantee to find it with our highly trained and experienced team of coaches on The Padel School platform.

Online Padel Training CAN Help You Improve Faster

We know from experience that online padel training can be your secret weapon that can accelerate your learning on the court. With a barrage of free content online from a range of self-proclaimed padel coaches, it can be easy to get bogged down trying to consume it all, whilst at the same time, not really knowing exactly how to take your padel level up a notch – AND not even knowing if the advice from these free online videos is correct!

That’s exactly why we created our online platform in the first place. So you can feel completely confident that you have access to the highest quality padel training advice in the world.

Interested to see what it’s like for yourself, check it out here and see if it becomes your secret weapon to beating your friends!  

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